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Picture of Raiden


  • Breed: Saluki Mix
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 4
  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Needs:

Meet Raiden
Raiden never has a family of her own, she has been living in a dog shelter in Bahrain for 3.5 years before she made her way to Canada at a chance for a new lease on life.

The plight of dogs in Bahrain is complicated, dogs and cats are often left to roam the streets in temperatures that usually soar between 35 to 45 degrees Celsius with little to no access to food, water, or shelter. Fortunately, there are some kind and caring volunteers who feed all the homeless animals at night and have established feeding routes. Bahrain is an island country of about 1.5 million people; most of the people are Middle Eastern with a rather large number of expats. Land area is 283 square miles. Among these islanders, are over 18,000 stray dogs living on the streets. Bahrain remains a country that Canada can import dogs from as they do not carry diseases ( most specifically Rabies) that are of concern elsewhere in the world. As a rescue, we prominently helps dogs locally first and foremost, and always have, but every year we commit to helping a handful of dogs from abroad, and a month ago welcomed this beauty into our care.

Raiden is a beautiful 4 year old, she is very submissive and very gentle and she is learning the rules of engagement of being a stellar Canadian. Everything is new and everyday comes with a new lesson. This timid and fearful little girl is shedding her fear and showing her bravery with each waking day.

Raiden spent most of her young life in a shelter in Bahrain where, sadly, she was bullied by the other dogs. Despite all she endured, she has the gentlest nature. She was welcomed by one of our incredible fosters and has spent the past 10 weeks unwinding & thriving, and showing us why she is SO deserving of her happily ever after. Because she’s been through so much, she would thrive in a quiet home without young children, and in a more suburban setting. She warms up naturally to ladies, and can sometimes take more time with men. All she wants to do is cuddle up with her people, but it may take her some time to come out of her shell initially. She is currently fostered in a home with both dogs and cats, but is happy in her own company as well. A fenced in backyard would be Raiden’s dream.

Raiden’s adoption coordinator is excited to discuss Raiden in more detail with you. Please email us at [email protected] for more information.

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