Every dog’s story is different and their needs in a furever home vary. We work hard to ensure each adopter and dog is a perfect match that will last a long and loving lifetime.

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Picture of Kito
Kito Adoptable Now
Picture of Kito


  • Breed: Husky/Shepherd Mix
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 13
  • Weight: 65 lbs.
  • Needs: A quiet, loving home with a fenced yard. No kids and no other dogs.

Kito is a huge softy and is not the least bit demanding. As a northern dog he has lived his entire life outdoors. At first it was difficult to get him to step inside but now that he has, he enjoys curling up in a warm spot where he sleeps much of the day away. He still loves to spend some time outdoors and a fenced backyard would be a dream for him. He also enjoys his walks but is not high energy by any means.

Kito is mostly deaf but that doesn’t hamper him in any way. He doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body and will look away when someone is making eye contact with him. He will not take treats from your hand but will happily gobble them up if they’re on the floor or in his bowl provided he likes them. He is not vocal and is absolutely fine being left alone in the house for a few hours at a time. He has no idea what a dog toy is (naturally) and isn’t the least bit interested.

Kito seems to be frightened of other dogs, particularly when out on a walk so it’s best he be the only dog in the house. He has been in the company of cats at the vet only but seems somewhat indifferent to them. He is up to date on all of his vaccines and has been neutered. He recently had a growth on his leg which has now been removed. Although it was cancerous, his margins were good and the vet feels confident that it’s completely gone now and likely will not reoccur.

If you are looking for a loving, gentle guy who just wants to live out his senior years in a quiet and loving home, please send in an application. You won’t be sorry.

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Picture of Rudy
Rudy Adoptable Now
Picture of Rudy


  • Breed: Hound
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2 Years
  • Weight: 55 lbs.
  • Needs: Experienced dog owner, preferably with hound experience.

Rudy is friendly, affectionate and loving but not big on cuddles. He loves other dogs and would enjoy being part of a pack but can be a bit exuberant in his greetings at the moment. As a hound he has a strong instinct to chase small prey like squirrels, skunks, and raccoons. For this reason we are looking for a family with NO CATS.

Rudy would really benefit with a large yard to run around and play in. His ideal family will be active with NO CHILDREN as he can be quite boisterous at times. We are definitely looking for an adopter who has previous dog experience and hound experience would be an asset. His ideal person/people will be committed to ongoing training including exercise for both his mind and his body. Rudy is a smart and playful guy and he needs a leader who is a match for his intelligence and energy. He has improved immensely since coming into our care and has incredible potential for someone who will invest in his future.

He has shown incredible resilience, cheerfully bouncing back from a broken leg and an unknown history as a stray. Some of his survival instincts (e.g., stealing and protecting favourite foods, counter surfing) are still bubbling beneath the surface but this is slowly disappearing as he has become more secure in his foster home and learning to trust his humans. He is very eager to please and loves having a job to do. Because he is so smart, and is motivated by food and enjoys figuring things out, he has responded exceptionally well to training. He is great in the car and doesn’t even mind his vet visits. Rudy isn’t a big barker but he does like to hear his own voice occasionally. He is fearful of some noises but is slowly improving in this area.

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Picture of Bear
Bear Recently Adopted
Picture of Bear


  • Breed: Newfoundland x lab
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 13
  • Weight: 31.9 kgs
  • Needs:

My name is Bear! While I am 13 years old and they seem to refer to me as a senior, I still have a great deal of spunk. I’m rather quiet and calm in the home but the second you tell me it’s time for a walk, I can’t help but let the puppy in me out. The outdoors is my favourite place, so I would really love a home with access to an outdoor space. I enjoy walking with my humans (I definitely like to pull them around) and sniffing around. I’m a good boy when I meet other dogs on leash or people we see.

My other favourite thing is my people. My foster parents have been so good to me. Giving me time to settle in and get comfortable in their home. They share all their furniture with me because I’m so well behaved! I can take some time to warm up to people but once I do, I can’t t get enough of them. I follow my people everywhere (yes I’m a bit of a clinger!). But I’m ok when they leave the house. I know thats time for me to rest and keep a close eye on the house.

While I’m a happy boy, I have had my share of medical issues since joining the rescue. I did not have much medical care in my previous life and Team is making sure that I’m as healthy as possible before going to my new home. Within the first two weeks of joining the rescue I had surgery to remove a tumour on my spleen and a lump on my neck. The tumour on my spleen was benign but after se doing away tissue from my neck it was determined I had a mast cell tumour. My prognosis is good and I do not need further treatment at this time but my new adopters will need to keep a close eye out for any unusual growth.

I’m so thankful for Team and all those that are helping me find my new family. If you think I might be a good fit for your, fill out an application!

Picture of Arthur
Arthur Adoptable Now
Picture of Arthur


  • Breed: GSD/Lab
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 5
  • Weight: 60lbs
  • Needs: Experienced Owner

Arthur came to TEAM from an abusive situation where he spent long periods of time tied outdoors to a dog house. But Arthur doesn’t let his past define him. Now that he is safe, he is living life to the fullest. This boy plays hard and snuggles hard! He loves going for walks (and needs a couple good long ones each day) and meeting new friends. He especially enjoys a romp with an equally-energetic canine playmate. He’s 60lbs and sometimes doesn’t know his own strength so he is well matched with another dog who likes rough play and can tell him to back off if he’s getting too intense. For this reason we aren’t recommending him for a home with young kids, though dog-savvy older kids/teens would be okay. Arthur is very affectionate and when he tires of playing he loves to curl up on the couch with his humans for some head scratches and a snooze. He’s basically a weighted blanket draped across your lap! Since another favourite pastime is intently watching squirrels out the window, a home without cats or small animals is probably best. Arthur has a bit of separation anxiety, though we have seen remarkable improvement on this during his time in foster care. He would prefer a family who is home more often than not and who can continue to make him feel comfortable with short absences. Arthur is not a city dog; he likes the pace and space of the suburbs or a rural environment. If Arthur sounds like the perfect athlete/cuddle bug combo to compliment your lifestyle, please get in touch with his Adoption Coordinator by submitting an application through our website or emailing adopt@teamdogrescue.ca with any questions.

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Picture of Jax
Jax Adoptable Now
Picture of Jax


  • Breed: Lab/Saluki X
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2 1/2 years
  • Weight: 21 kg
  • Needs: Active family, home with a fenced yard

So you have a canine companion who is wanting to play, snuggle and looking for a friend? Look no further! Meet Jax, the 23 kg Saluki/Retriver X.
Jax is dog friendly, currently loves his two female foster sisters and can’t wait to rejoin his big foster brother Gibbs!

Jax does very well with a structured routine, but also doesn’t mind sleeping in on those lazy mornings. He loves his cuddles, stuffies and to play fetch with a ball. Incredibly treat and affection motivated, Jax responds very well to obedience training, and is so eager to learn. Jax has learned and obeys a multitude of commands, such as ones that have helped to form great leash and overall good manners. While Jax, like any other dog, can be distracted by fast moving things like cats, birds and squirrels, he has been working hard to learn alternate behaviours to curb his impulses and truly excels with a confident leader. Some of the commands that Jax knows are Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Off, Fetch and Leave it. He’s a great dog for any enthusiast that want to do trick training as well.

Happy to hang out inside or out, Jax does very well in both the city and rural environment, but really thrives in a home with land space or a yard to run play. That said, this little sweetie also likes to lie outside quietly, taking in the air & all of the sights & sounds.

Jax is 2 1/2 years old, UTD on vaccines and is neutered.
He loves his play time with his person & his dog friends but also adores to just chill by your side as a Netflix viewer! Want to go for a day trip or drive across the country? Jax will happily be your road trip companion, adores the car, and doing anything you throw his way.

History: Jax was rescued off the streets of Bahrain at just over a year old, with a paw injury that was addressed at the time. This injury did heal slightly out of alignment, causing limited movement of his right front paw. However, Jax has adapted well and is just like any other happy pup.
Since being in Canada, surgical options have been discussed with several specialists and the prognosis was questionable-risk versus benefit.
Any future adopters should expect to give 20-30 minute low impact walks daily, and joint support supplements. When Jax plays and runs hard off leash, he can over do it and can develop a post run limp. Recognizing when he has had enough exercise, and allowing him some recovery time will help Jax to live a normal, content, pain free life.

Although Jax has a good recall, an added bonus for security, Jax will be adopted out with Tractive GPS Tracker for dogs. His family will have the option to have the associated GPS app on their smart phones.

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Adoption Pending

Recently Adopted Dogs

Picture of Girlie/Lady
Girlie/Lady Recently Adopted
Picture of Girlie/Lady


  • Breed: Fox Hounds
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 7/9
  • Weight: 19/24 kg
  • Needs:

Who needs some hound love and lots of it?
Lady and Girlie were rescued from the side of a highway in eastern Ontario. It was a stormy night and a wonderful woman stopped her car and Girlie eagerly jumped in, while Lady needed some coaxing to join her. Wet, muddy and exhausted, these two are inseparable and will be adopted together. We suspect they are mom and daughter and it these two were likely dumped dogs. Lady and Girlie are very sweet, love snuggling and lots of cuddles. They are slowly adapting and settling, but are very sensitive dogs. Girlie startles very easily, jumping up with high wind noises or a door slam. Lady will follow her foster mom everywhere, craving human companionship along the way. They are just learning what play is all about, as they slowly embrace everything new.
Not big barkers, but occasionally Girlie will let out the typical hound howl. Lady can be quite anxious during thunder storms and loud construction noises, but that is being handled by some anti anxiety meds and a thunder shirt, with adaptil.
What is their ideal home? Given that they are hounds, scent driven and sensitive to noise, a quiet rural setting is best and a large fenced in area is ideal for playtime and occasional zoomies. Lady and Girlie thrive with human company, so a retired couple, or a committed working from home family is ideal. They are fine with other animals, previously with a family with cats. They do require someone who is patient and committed to letting them settle on their terms. They have been through so much this last year and are soon ready to join their forever home.
Their future family will so enjoy what this sweet pair offer-lots of love, cuddles and loyalty.

Picture of Lilo & Stitch
Lilo & Stitch Recently Adopted
Picture of Lilo & Stitch

Lilo & Stitch

  • Breed: Pug
  • Gender:
  • Age:
  • Weight:
  • Needs:

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