Every dog’s story is different and their needs in a furever home vary. We work hard to ensure each adopter and dog is a perfect match that will last a long and loving lifetime.

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Picture of Boomer
Boomer Adoptable Now
Picture of Boomer


  • Breed: Husky Mix
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2
  • Weight: 70 pounds
  • Needs:

My name is Gorgeous Boomer! Actually it’s Beyond Belief Gorgeous Boomer….Ok fine its just Boomer but I do think gorgeous needs to be added to my name.

I am originally a rescue from wayyyy up North and brought to TEAM through the IFAW Northern Dog Project at 8 months old in 2020 and I was adopted out to a family but sadly was returned to TEAM a year later right before Christmas in 2021 .

We believe that as a result of my history of being free to roam and doing what i needed in order to survive, I arrived with a lot of pent up anxiety, even at a young age, and I was confused and very insecure.

This made my transition into a home environment difficult for me.
What I needed was structure, guidance and routine and when I didn’t get this I took the situation into my own paws and became the ruler of my home.

My family didn’t understand how to read my cues so if someone tried to push me into doing something i was uncomfortable with or unsure of… I would communicate by biting. I know this sounds bad but my trainer Kyle explains my previous behaviour best: (please read what Kyle has to say here: https://bit.ly/3i5DDHY ). I am really sorry for my past behavior, but my anxiety and insecurity was very high. So yes i do have a bite history, BUT I am getting what i need now in the form of training and obedience and I am a really good boy and i have learned that i do not need to bite. Additionally, I am getting confident, and remember I am still young ( I am not even 2 yet) and so eager to learn and please.

My TEAM family sent me to Kyle and Madison at North Grey K9, who help dogs like me and i have been with them now for 2 months.

Kyle says I am a great dog which makes me so happy, he told my rescue that i passed my board and train with flying colours and I am now ready for my new family! I am so excited, Kyle says I will need a very specific home so I can continue to be the best boy.

I have learned so much since I arrived into rescue, and I have learned even more with Kyle who has been mentoring me to be my canine best, but i am still afraid of a few things that I clearly had negative experiences with in my past, so my new family will need to know that brooms, and spray bottles make me very anxious. As well I don’t respond well to forceful training.

I am doing much better with other dogs that are patient and I am gradually learning my manners.

I’m not super energetic, so definitely not all husky, there are some other special breeds in my genetics so I don’t have massive exercise needs. I just require a couple of walks a day and of course I will require my family to partake in my favourite game, tug of war. I am also a huge fan of rope toys and fetch.

The most important takeaway from my training is that I really appreciate routine and structure, and when I have both? I am set for success and behave perfectly. In between my walks and play time I really love the safety of my crate. Its a safe place and I am very used to it and in fact, love it. I also eat in my crate and that is my preference. In my first home I had so much freedom and no guidance and it really put me in a very insecure situation.

My perfect family would be someone who is an experienced dog owner and who will commit to giving me this structure and routine because I have become a very good boy and a creature of habit.

I will also be best in a home
-child free
-cat free
-no highrise condos/elevators

I am a real sweetheart, the kind of dog that loves unconditionally and just really have a zest for life. I am extremely food motivated, i love all food, food is the way to my heart!
I still have a big puppy personality and when I am comfortable, I am just a total goofball! I love to give kisses to all my favourite people, and enjoy the occasional butt scratch.

If you think you could be my new family, please reach out to Jackie at adopt@teamdogrescue.ca or fill out an application on our website https://b82.47f.myftpupload.com/you-can-help/adopt/adoption-application/

My last thought, dogs like me who get second chances need a lot of exposure. Be sure to share my story far and wide with your network and let’s find my family together.


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Picture of Jeff
Jeff Adoptable Now
Picture of Jeff


  • Breed: Sheppard/Lab/Husky
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 3
  • Weight: 35 kgs
  • Needs:

Hello world!! I want to introduce myself in hopes of finding a forever family. I have had a rough few years but I think things are turning around for home since I met the nice ladies at TEAM Dog Rescue and my amazing foster parents! They keep telling me I’m perfection and ready to meet my new family. I need this one to be forever.

I love my humans so much. I’m ready to please 24/7 and just want attention. I have been anxious in the past, given everything I have been through, and was on medication for a period of time. Now that I’m settled with my foster family, I feel much better. I should mention that when they leave I don’t love to be alone but I’m doing my best to remember that they always come back! When they leave me to roam the house I do much better, as I don’t like crates or confined spaces.

I also enjoy walks and promise to be the best walking buddy! They are my favourite part of the day. My foster parents are working on my leash manners so that I don’t pull in the leash. I should mention that I had an old injury when I was young that healed by itself. As a result of that sometimes I favour my leg and need to take breaks in walks. I’m not in any pain and it doesn’t impact my life.

While I enjoy my walks I’m also such a good boy for car rides as well. So I can be your road trip buddy!

I’m such an excitable and happy boy. Sometimes that excitement can be a bit too much for my foster sister and other dogs so TEAM and my foster parents think it’s best that I’m the only dog in the home. I enjoy the company of small, calm dogs! It works out better to be the only dog anyways though, because I want all of the attention…. And I know I deserve it too.

Do you think you can provide me with a loving home?

Please fill out an application!

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Picture of Rudy
Rudy Adoptable Now
Picture of Rudy


  • Breed: Hound
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2 Years
  • Weight: 55 lbs.
  • Needs: Experienced dog owner, preferably with hound experience.

He ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog……

Rudy is friendly, affectionate and loving. During his time with us he has really come into his own and has become the very best version of himself.

This sweet boy has recently spent some time at a board and train facility where he has learned to be super respectful of the others around him. His crate is his ‘home base’ right now where he knows how to be calm when he needs to be.

Rudy loves his walks and requires 3 of them daily for 20-30 minutes each. During other times, he loves to play tug with his favourite rope toy. He came to us from a shelter where he had arrived as a stray with a leg injury. That has been taken care of but he’s not a candidate for super long walks or hikes because he tends to favour that leg after too long a period of exercise.

In a perfect world, we’d love Rudy to have a fenced backyard to romp around in but this is not mandatory as long as he gets the exercise he needs.

Rudy would be fine as an only dog or in a household with another respectful dog. He prefers females but gets along with neutered males as well.

He can be suspicious and tentative when being approached in a loud and physical manner. It’s better for him to be the ‘approacher’ and treats when he’s getting to know you are always appreciated! He has the ultimate respect for his leader once that bond has been formed. He will do anything to please his leader and will shower them with sloppy kisses.

Rudy’s perfect family will continue on with everything that Rudy has learned up until now. He requires and enjoys structure. As a hound, his nose is always to the ground sniffing and looking for things. He’d be best in a well organized/dog proofed household where he can’t get into anything he shouldn’t as we want to ensure that he continues to succeed.

He’s not a big barker but he does like to hear the sound of his own voice at times so you can expect some howling from time to time.

Rudy does have a bite history BUT the circumstances of these bites must be understood. One took place at the vet when he was in pain and was being restrained. The other was when he stole a very high valued item out of a garbage can (yes it contained meat!) and instinctively his person tried to take it out of his mouth. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and never, ever displayed any of this behaviour while he was at the training facility. Rather, he showered everyone he grew to know with love and kisses.

This is a special boy who at 2 years old is still purely puppy and will need someone prepared to deal with his puppy behaviours. He is fully house trained, knows basic obedience like ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘stand’, ‘place’, ‘recall’, ‘touch’ and leave it and is very eager to please.

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Picture of Molly
Molly Adoptable Now
Picture of Molly


  • Breed: German Shepherd
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 1
  • Weight:
  • Needs: A home out of the city, a backyard and to continue with her obedience training

Where are our GSD Enthusiasts? Come hither. We have a beauty for you. Several weeks ago we welcomed a 1 year old GSD into our rescue from a shelter in Quebec. Her history can be found here: https://bit.ly/3vMd2Hr
Molly has a great temperament with people, incredibly sweet and embodies all the dreamy qualities of a GSD, however, she was very sick at the time of her arrival. Severely emaciated, equally as severe diarahea, and she was rushed to the VEC where she stayed and got the help she needed from Dr. Mason. Molly was diagnosed with EPI, that stands for Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. Have no fear, although a medical condition, her life will be that of a normal dog and she will lead a full life of normal activities that dogs without this condition can lead. The key to successful management. Molly will require B12 shots for the next 6 weeks and then once a month for 6 months, additionally, she will also require pancreatic enzyme tablets for the rest of her life, and canned low fat food to keep her stable for the rest of her life.

Now that she is back to the picture of health, she is ready, for her forever home.

She is angelic, quiet in the home and a constant companion. She is the neighbourhood’s Walmart greeter and appreciates all the pets, attention and headscratches from people on her walks, however, as much as she loves meeting humans, she doesn’t feel the same about meetings dogs while she is out and about, she is still quite leash reactive when she sees dogs out on a walk (specifically dominant males) and Molly will require a family who will continue to work on her training. Molly doesn’t fancy being a city slicker and would rather live in the suburbs, out of the Toronto downtown core as the overwhelming dog population in buildings and alike is a lot for her. She much prefers the tranquility of a quieter neighbourhood, and loves parks and having a yard where she can chase squirrels and chipmunks and will gladly watch the world go by perched on her porch.

Molly is true to her breed is a brilliant dog, easily trainable, very eager to learn and responds exceptionally well to treats (gastro friendly treats of course as she is not allowed high fat food items), smart as a whip and aims to please. Every single person who has met her, loves her, and you will know why once she charms you too.

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Picture of Lady
Lady Adoptable Now
Picture of Lady


  • Breed: Hound Mix
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 8 years
  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Needs:

Hi! My name is Lady and I am an 8 year old hound mix. I’m told I was found running in a field with another dog, but luckily some nice people picked me up and said they would look after me! Unfortunately, because I can’t talk, I wasn’t able to tell people that I really didn’t want to live with the dog I was found with and ended up being placed in multiple homes with her. She is a nice dog, but I’m realizing now that we had what humans would describe as a “toxic relationship”, and we really stressed each other out! Luckily the ladies at TEAM recently placed us into separate foster homes, and wow! We are doing great now! I have so much fun with my foster family! My foster mom says I am the sweetest dog, and I love being with people because they give me lots of snuggles! She also says I am a really good girl in the house; I am housetrained and usually quiet. I love to go for walks, but once I have done all my sniffing I like to just hang out with my foster family. I have seen some things called “cats” on my walks, but they seem pretty boring, so I don’t pay attention to them. Dogs, on the other hand, are interesting, and I like seeing them when I am out and about! Sometimes I might try to pull a little to go say hi, but I usually walk well on my leash. I haven’t met very many kids, but I think I would be ok with older ones if they were able to understand that I get nervous sometimes and do best in a calm environment.
Some things I definitely don’t like include thunderstorms and fireworks! Those things freak me out! But really, who enjoys hearing really loud noises when you have great ears like mine? When I get nervous, I like to be in a quiet area, and my mom plays some classical music for me to help calm me down. My anxiety is much better than it used to be, and with continued management, it could likely improve even more. I’m hoping someone who sees this post will understand that no one is perfect, and that they will love me anyways!
I’ve had a pretty hard life, and even though I love my foster family so much, I would be so happy to have a forever family of my own. If you think you might want to hear more about me, please email my adoption coordinator Sonya at info@teamdogrescue.ca.

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Picture of Cleatus
Cleatus Adoptable Now
Picture of Cleatus


  • Breed: Bully mix
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 4 years
  • Weight: 100 lbs (needs to lose weight)
  • Needs: Quiet neighbourhood | Calm dogs okay

Cleatus is a new arrival to our rescue! We’ll share more details as we get to know this loveable goofball!

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Picture of Arthur
Arthur Adoptable Now
Picture of Arthur


  • Breed: Shepherd mix
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 5 years
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Needs: Quiet neighbourhood | Experienced owner

Arthur has recently been returned to our care, and we are working with our trainers to get to know him and his needs. More details to come in the days ahead.

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