Owner Surrender Policy

Surrendering your dog is a difficult decision to make, and you should first make sure you are absolutely certain this is in your own and the dog’s best interest. Going through a surrender is often very difficult on your dog. If you are thinking of surrendering because of behavioural issues, lack of time, or because you are bringing a child into your home or your circumstances have changed, we recommend exhausting all other options before considering surrendering. That being said, TEAM Dog Rescue does not accept owner surrenders. We have put this page together as a resource for you should you decide to go down that path.

Why We Do Not Accept Owner Surrenders Into Our Rescue

We work hard, very very hard. We are volunteers. We all have full time jobs, and do rescue work when time permits during the day, its all we do at night, and it’s the only thing we do on weekends. We sacrifice everything to help dogs in need. Ask our spouses how frequently plans have been cancelled. Ask our families how often they try to have a conversation with us, yet, were fixated on our iPhone organizing a transport, finalizing an adoption, or finding fosters. Ask our friends how often we cut off a phone conversation or our visit short as we have rescue business to attend to. The truth? We don’t have much social lives.

We help dogs. We rescue dogs, but we do not rescue people. Individuals who run rescues, not just our own, but any rescue, put 100% of themselves into this work everyday, however, we will do not it for the owner who no longer has time to give to their dog, we will not exert our energy for the couple who is moving into a new apartment that doesn’t accommodate dogs. We do not rescue people who are about to have a baby and did not have the foresight that they will not have the space or time for the dog when the baby arrives. We do not assist in dogs being posted on Kijiji ads, with owners not being truthful about aggression or bite histories, with owners threatening to bring them to a shelter, or the ultimate threat of euthanization.

We do not have the resources to be everywhere, and that’s why we focus on shelters, or rescue in disadvantaged communities in dire need of assistance. Our time is precious, because we do this in our spare time. All dogs matter to us, but we help those dogs who have no advocates, no one to get them out of the terrible situations they are in. We do not have the resources to help those dogs who have owners, people who need to step up for their dog instead of asking someone else to shoulder the burden and responsibility. We help the dogs in imminent danger of being euthanized in a shelter environment, the dogs we can meet and get a proper behavioural assessment on. We love all dogs, but must be responsible with our time, our energy, our fosters and our resources. For us, this is the only way to be an effective rescue. There are many other rescues that focus on kijiji ads, but this is not where we focus our efforts. Thank you.

What Should You Do If You Can’t Keep Your Dog

Surrendering your dog should always be your last option after you exhaust all others. We recommend researching your local no/low kill shelters and reaching out to them to help. Some shelters offer facilitated adoptions where your dog can stay in the comfort of the home it is used to while they help you rehome them. Alternatively, you can also search for a rescue that may take in owner surrenders. If your dog is a specific breed, searching for a breed specific rescue may also be of help to you.

Check with your friends and family to see if they can make a space in their home for your dog. This would mean being able to see them still, and having them go into a somewhat familiar new home. If you are thinking about surrendering your dog because of behavioural issues or lack of time, there are always resources available for you to help resolve this. You can research trainers and local dog walkers so that you are able to keep your dog.