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  • Breed: Beagle cross
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 18 months
  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Needs: Older confident dog as a mentor

This sweet boy arrived in our care 11 months ago as a 7 month old pup, from a very sad hoarding situation. He adapted beautifully in his foster home before adoption, but several months after, he started guarding his family whenever visitors came to their home, occasionally slight nipping when people got too close. The hard decision, although made in Dobbs’s best interest, was to return him, and despite feeling unsettled for a few days, Dobby is now doing exceptionally well. Although well loved and getting along well with children in both the foster and adoptive homes, we feel it best to have Dobby placed in a calm environment, and best with an older confident dog, who can be a mentor for him, while he gains confidence and becomes the ideal hound he was born to be. Now being fostered in a condo setting, he is quiet in the home, only barks when someone is at the door and is thoroughly enjoying lots of outdoor time with foster mom and sister Harper. He has been left alone for up to 4 hours and is perfectly well behaved. He will go into his crate, albeit reluctantly.
Dobby so enjoys visiting the horse farm/barn where his mom works and is very respectful with all the other dogs present. He relishes the quiet chill time with Harper, while mom teaches and does fine in the car, if in the passenger seat. Occasionally car sick, but would likely adapt with time. Play time with Harper is very special and he would enjoy the company of another dog immensely.
Dobby so enjoys the attention he gets and if people respects his space, he will also respect theirs. He can be on high alert until comfortable and will need his new family to be somewhat dog behaviour savvy and consistent with routine and their expectations.

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