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The #THINKRESCUE campaign was born out of a need for change. The need to change the perception of rescue dogs as inferior pets. The majority of rescue dogs end up homeless through no fault of their own. They are loving, loyal and grateful for a second chance.


The #THINKRESCUE campaign raises awareness (without judgment) for adoption programs and is geared at changing the stigma placed on rescue dogs everywhere. It encourages families to talk about adoption and consider rescuing first when looking to add a Fluffy or Fido to their family. Our goal is to spread the word about adoptable dogs through the #THINKRESCUE campaign to ensure people are aware that there are better alternatives to breeders and online classifieds.



You can help us with our mission by encouraging those you know to visit their local animal shelter or browse adoption sites first when looking to welcome a pet. We also need you to post the coolest photos you have of your rescue dog(s) on your social media outlets and include the hash tag #thinkrescue - people will automatically associate these great pictures with rescue.


Since the perception of rescue animals starts with our youth we partnered with Toronto-based kids' clothing company Mini Mioche and local artist Maggie Deuitch to design a limited edition shirt for children aged newborn to 6 years old. The long sleeve tee features a geometric illustration of a rescued mastiff named Daisy and promotes #THINKRESCUE in the schoolyard.


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