Project Description


Breed: Mastiff X

Gender: Male

Age: 3  years

Weight: 106 lbs

Needs: Prefers to be the only dog, no cats, kids over 12  years

I’m 106 lbs and 3 years old, my name is WALDO, I’m what they call a Mastiff and I am a very good boy but I am BIG! I’ve been patiently waiting in a shelter for my family but it was taking so so long, the Shelter staff did their best for me, they really loved me but It was taking a toll on me and I needed to get out soon. TEAM heard i needed help but i was big and they needed to have a better understanding of my needs. I was able to get assessed by a trainer and spent a couple of weeks at her farm. I’m told that I am a very good boy and that everyone loves me.  I’ve met some friends and I have a much bigger room here. The trainer told, Jackie, my Adoption Coordinator that she wants to help TEAM find me the best home ever! I’m so excited! I’ve never had a real family of my very own but Jackie promises that she will find me my perfect home.

I am already neutered but I have a condition in my elbow that requires surgery. The nice ladies at TEAM will take care of all of my medical needs and if my family finds me soon I can go live with my family now so we can get to know each other during my recovery.

Because I’m a big and very strong boy i need a very specific home/family. A family that has experience with big dogs like me would be best, it would be best that I don’t live in a condo/apartment a bit more space would be best for me. I’m not super high energy but I do need regular exercise. A home without cats is a must, and kids older than 12 is best because I still can get excited and accidentally knock some little ones down. If you already have a dog at home I hope he/she is at least as big as me, I don’t think I would be a good match with a dog smaller than me, because when I play i forget how big I really am! Overall I’m just a big softie and i just want to find my family soon so i can give kisses and show you what a good boy I am!

My name is WALDO, where is my family?

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