Project Description


Breed: Saluki/Swiss Shepherd X

Gender: Male

Age: 1.5 years old

Weight: 25 kg

Needs: Good with dogs, No cats, kids 14+


Tommy is a young and truly unique mix of Saluki and Shepherd, joining us all the way from the Kingdom of Bahrain. There he survived the worst of conditions and his body wears the scars, sadly. And these scars will never go away. They will be always be a reminder of what he endured. And he survived.

His heart however? That is pure and intact and has already expanded 10x over since joining our rescue 4 weeks ago. His foster family beams with pride speaking about his  unparalleled enthusiasm for life in foster care. They are full of awe and love for this boy, and so our search is on for a family who is as special as he is.

What do we envision as that special family? Someone who will understand what makes up this special boy. Let us tell you.

He is SMART. As a whip. He is eager to please and learn, and we need someone who is willing to stimulate his mind and continue the important work of building his confidence in his new life. He will respond to guidance and consistency. He craves it. He requires it. He’s already learned that the home is to be respected. He is fully housetrained. Your home will be untouched. He will not destroy anything. He will be quiet and serene, passing the day away likely curled up on your couch or a sunny spot, waiting until that very moment where he gets to greet you with his affection upon your return home to him.

He is an ADVENTURER. He will be all ears and gung ho to join you on every adventure. This boy loves to run and explore! He’s even learned how fun zoomies are ….and toys? Well, he’s learning all about those too. And it’s delightful to watch him discover these. His family would need to ensure Tommy has lots of outdoor time to run and play. A backyard is a bonus as after a game or two, he loves to lay down and take in the sun, smells and sounds around him. Enjoying life, perhaps for the first time, without fear.

He is a CUDDLER. Trust us, you will get the firmest, hardest dog muzzle of your life pressed into your body. Tommy will want you to cuddle all the time. And we promise you, you won’t be able to resist. He’s definitely making up for lost time when it comes to affection and will also always be ready whether it’s gently giving you his paw as you walk by him, him snuggling into your armpit on the couch or but his gorgeous tail swinging back and forth whenever he sees you. This dog is pure love. And he is the epitome of chill.

He needs to TRUST. And he needs someone to understand his past. That he can be  standoffish with first meeting anyone. That he will trust, but it HAS to be on his own time. He will need patience, and commitment. He will trust that you won’t put him in a compromising or scary position. You need to honour that, always. He will put his faith in you and trust that you won’t let him down. For this reason we are searching for a home without young children. Dogs are ok, as long as they are introduced properly. He would do best with a dog who is respectful of his space but equally willing to be playmate as Tommy is discovering he can trust other dogs too, and enjoy them. And once you have earned his trust, he is putty in your hands.  You will be his whole world.

Tommy is a survivor and he thrives. His zest for life and for his people will amaze you, inspire you and reward you daily. This is no ordinary dog. He is extraordinary.

Please email us at and his Adoption Coordinator Larysa will be happy to see if you might be just the family that Tommy is looking for <3

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