Project Description


Adoption Coordinator

My name is Mr B, the frosty-faced gentleman, and my sidekick is Lucy, my much younger girlfriend. Our mom is Terri, one of the newer Adoption Coordinators for TEAM. Terri has been volunteering for TEAM for two years now, initially fostering, and we are the result of that hard work, although what was hard? We were home as soon as Terri set eyes on our natural beauty, so we are now known as “foster fails”. We both came from northern communities and were outside our entire lives until we were brought south, although a year apart. Despite our rural beginnings, it didn’t take long to learn how to be great indoor dogs and the benefits of big city living.

Our mom has been passionate about dogs since she was a little girl, and currently divides her time between city and country. We are lucky enough to get driven all over southern Ontario. Sometimes we can tell that there have been other dogs in OUR backseat! But only when she leaves us at home to transport another pup from shelter to foster home or a specific leg of further transport. We forgive her this indiscretion as she tells us that she wants these pups to have it as good as we do.