Project Description


Breed: German Shepard

Gender: Female

Age: 1

Weight: 63 lbs

Needs: No dogs, cats or children

This beautiful year old Shepherd recently came into our care and very quickly she has already won the hearts of all that meet her. She is 63 lbs of pure love!
Sheera has a gentle mouth, loves treats and is VERY generous with her affection-kisses and cuddles galore. True to her breed, she does guard, a loud bark to strangers who enter her home, but is quick to respond to her foster parents cues and will then approach with a tail wag. She is calm in the house and doesn’t require crating, nor does she counter surf or destroy items that don’t belong to her. Dog toys however are a different matter! She will desecrate any stuffy and likely chew through the indestructible ones.
An expert fetcher who returns the ball, she has been a delight to her foster family.
However, Sheera can be reactive to some dogs and shouldn’t be in a home with cats. We are still assessing this reactivity and given her youth and eagerness to please, we are hoping that with time, patience and consistent training she will overcome this issue. Children should be dog savvy and of a size that won’t be knocked over by quick movements.
Shepherds are known for their fierce loyalty and devotion to the family and Sheera exhibits these qualities in how she has bonded so quickly to her foster parents, who adore her-so her fortunate new family, awaiting in the wings, are in for a treat. Could this be you?

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