Project Description

Breed: Chihuahua

Gender: Female

Age: 12-13 years old

Weight: 3.6 kg

Needs: Good with dogs and cats

Rosie is just a sweet old lady who wants nothing but companionship and a soft place to sleep. She joined us this summer from a local shelter, after she was found as a stray and no one came looking for her. This left her understandably confused, but given her sweet gentle nature she quickly learned to love and trust her wonderful foster parents. She is very happy to be picked up and held, finding a spot near by to snooze contently once she’s got her fill of loving and pets.

Rosie demands very little. She only asks for someone who is patient (because she is slow and and hard of hearing), and who can let her outside for at least 3 walks a day. She is extremely low maintenance aside from the occasional accident (which can be sorted out as long as she sticks to a routine and we believe over time she will build trust that her people will take her outside). Her manners are impeccable. You won’t need to worry about her getting into anything she shouldn’t be or being destructive. Rosie would be fine in a home without kids or other animals, and fine with them too. Given her petite size, a quiet home would be best for this little sweetheart of a dog.


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