Project Description


Breed: Cane Corso x Lab x Great Dane

Gender: Male

Age: 8 Months

Weight: 65 lbs

Introducing our very own Romeo who is looking for his Juliette. He has already won over many who meet him with his good looks and massive kisses that can melt even the coldest heart. Romeo is a young dog, at only 9 months of age. He is also destined to be a big boy being a Great Dane/Cane Corso/Lab mix. I know what you’re thinking, what an incredible combination!! A dog his size would benefit from an owner with large breed experience who will be able to show him things like leash manners. He will need the life lessons that puppies a fraction of his size would get. With some basic obedience he will be the perfect Canine Citizen when he grows up. Romeo is a lover of playtime. He spends his days playing with all of his friends in his doggy daycare. He puts all of his energy into making sure his playmates have a good time and is the utmost gentleman. He even won over all of the Humans at the Canine Social Company. Being a playtime connoisseur, and that he loves his human companions just as much, Romeo would do just about anything for a sibling to keep him company. Can you help to complete Romeo’s Shakespearean love story?