Project Description


Breed: Husky/GSD X

Gender: Male

Age: 7 years

Weight: 50 lbs

Needs: Good with dogs

This very handsome boy was adopted out from us six years ago, and due to a drastic change of life circumstances, is now back in our care. Rocky is an energetic, exuberant and a playful big pup, despite being 7 years old. This model of canine good looks is of ideal weight, gorgeous coat, excellent teeth, affectionate and full of beans. Rocky is constantly wagging his tail, enjoys the attention and love he is getting from his foster mom, always asking for belly rubs. Rocky could benefit from some further leash training and some manners when greeting new people, as his exuberance often overtakes him.

He is a social butterfly, wants to meet everyone and be part of the action. One of his favourite things is going on car rides-not at all anxious, but eager to view the world. Rocky is fine being left while his family works, just requiring a good morning walk and Kong filled with delicious treats.

Who is Rocky’s ideal family? One who can commit to further leash training as he has had seven years to pull as much as he wants, but being food motivated, this should not take long with consistent posivitve reinforcement. An active family who wants a an equally active companion for all their activities and adventures. A family who wants a travel companion who is happy in the backseat viewing the world and who feels the journey is just as important as the destination.

Older dog savvy children would be fine, especially if they participate in further training with this deserving boy. Rocky wants his “chapter two” to be the best part of his life and we are committed to do just that for him.

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