Project Description

Breed: Hound

Gender: Male

Age: 8-10 Years

Weight: 52 lbs

Needs: Good with low energy dogs and with cats, best for children over 8 years, preferably no city/condo setting

Looking for a quiet and gentle boy, that still has a spring in his step? Ringo, a medium-sized hound mix who’s roughly 10 years old, is an infectiously sweet old man. He is the classic grandpa that looks forward to his daily walks around the park, afternoon naps, and of course, liver and onions (or in his case, liver treats will do just fine)! Ringo is a very friendly and sociable dog, yet because of his low energy, he is also very mellow and calm. He does not bark at the doorbell or guests, or any faint noise that may drift in from the street.
Want someone to wake you at the crack of dawn each day? Get a rooster. Ringo could not be bothered to wake you in the morning – he will gladly sleep in as long as you’d like. But when you finally DO decide to roll out of bed, he is always happy to see you, greeting anyone and everyone with a bum wiggle and a tail wag.
When the day gets going and the house comes alive, so does he. Ringo is happiest when he gets to spend time with people, following them around wherever they go. All he asks is that you include him in as many of your daily activities as possible. Although he is extremely well behaved when left alone, content to nap in his crate, he loves getting his leash put on to head out the door! He is very curious, and eager to explore the world with his nose. Whether this is done close to home, or a car ride away, he is up for an adventure at any time.
While out and about, Ringo is enthusiastic to meet other dogs and could benefit from more socialization, but must learn how to greet them appropriately on-leash. When given the opportunity to sniff and wander a little, he will happily walk by your side the remainder of the time.
Ringo has the sweetest soul, and makes the absolute best sidekick. If you’re looking for a true companion and friend, you’ll be sure to find one in him!


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