Project Description


Breed: Anatolian Shepherd/Hound X

Gender: Male

Age: 1 year old

Weight: 75 lbs

Needs: TBD

Meet Presley! At 18 months old, this gorgeous Hound/Anatolian shepherd X, is learning and discovering many things for the first time. Presley came to us from a local shelter just north of the city. He was getting stressed and he needed a new venue. At 18 months young this sweet boy was found as a stray and never claimed, but this never affected his happy playful personality, quite the opposite in fact. Presley is craving to learn and explore new things and as he continues to settle into foster care has learned to enjoy some of those comforts including a couch and those morning bedtime snuggles! Talking about snuggles, Presley absolutely LOVES to cuddle and he craves human attention and touch.

Being that everything is still quite new for him, Presley can still be quite unsure of new things and will need his future humans to continue to guide and reassure him. He responds well to voice correction, as he so badly wants to please and learn and already in two short weeks has made some huge strides.
Presley is your typical young dog and does have energy to burn, he will need to get at least 2 good walks a day.
His walking is improving but being a hound he still has the desire pull. He loves playing catch in the backyard and does do well playing with other dogs as long as its in a controlled area like a backyard and not a dog park. He would likes to play but needs dogs who have a balanced temperament. He currently does live in a home with cats and ignores them for the most part.

Presley has been left alone for up to 4 hours a day so far, he sleeps on his favourite piece if furniture, the couch! No need to crate this boy, he patiently waits for his family to come home.

Do you like going on road trips? Presley doesn’t mind either, but will still bark at dogs walking by, not a huge issue unless you are heading to an area with lots of dogs!

His perfect family would have dog experience, not live in the inner city, and be committed to continuing Presleys obedience training. He likes to play with other dogs but prefers that his family dotes all his attention on him!

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