Project Description


Breed: Shih Tzu X

Gender: Male

Age: 7-8

Weight: 20 lbs

Needs: Good with dogs

This sweet little boy has come all the way from Bahrain, where he was surrendered to the local kennel when a new puppy came into the home. Phinnneas was very sad and wasn’t doing well in the kennel environment but the staff loved him, saw his potential and gentle nature, so reached out. Phinneas is just over 7 years old and is a very sweet confident guy who wants a family of his own. He bonds quickly and is fine with all the other dogs he meets. Once he is comfortable, his playful side comes out and his foster family has witnessed this with dogs he meets at the park. Phinneas wasn’t initially house trained, although he was fine throughout the night on his own bed. However, he did mark the house while his foster parents were working, They have started crating him and this has greatly improved.
He loves the sofa, car rides, eating and thoroughly enjoys the company of his foster sister but would do equally well as the only dog in the home.
Phinneas has adapted very well to life in Canada and he is so easily trained with the lure of treats. He has mastered the art of down, stay and wait. So thrilling to see what a middle-aged dog can accomplish with just some attention, love and patience. All this poor guy was lacking with his original family.
Phinneas is looking for a family with or without another dog, but one who has the time to continue with his ongoing leash work and who would enjoying spending lots of time with this sweet boy. You will be rewarded with lots of cuddle time and kisses.

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