Project Description


Adoption Coordinator

Hi, I’m Echo the Chiweenie and that handsome goofball there is my ‘brother’ Budweiser aka Buddy aka One Braincell Buddy. I own Nicole, she joined TEAM as an Adoption Coordinator. I have to share her with goofball, 2 birds and a GIGANTIC dog, Ripp (mom calls him a horse?). I’m still her special girl though. She’s always loved animals, especially dogs. Lots of lost dogs have found our mom and she always helps them get home. Buddy was the only one that stuck, she foster failed (emphasis in the fail part I say) with him. He’s crazy but taught us a lot about behaviour problems and how to help. She keeps saying she wants to help all dogs to get their happy ending like he did. She works long hours (apparently) as a paramedic but I don’t believe her, she wears dog treats on her belt and comes home smelling like other dogs. She claims it’s just dogs of her ‘patients’ that get attention with their humans. She likes sports and doing stuff outside. We walk a lot. Enough writing. Going to snuggle under the blankets before night shift.