Project Description

Breed: Cockapoo

Gender: Male

Age: 4 years

Weight: 15lbs

Needs: Good with dogs and cats

This little man may be small in size but he makes up in big personality! He has left his shelter days behind and isn’t looking back. His foster mom says that he is the perfect gentleman in the home. Movie nights are his favourite! He will jump up on your lap or snuggle up close. He is a lap dog extraordinaire! He loves to curl up at his mom’s feet at night and snooze the night away contently. He is an early riser though and so if you have to get up at work at 7am, don’t bother setting the alarm! He will do that job better than any alarm clock you can buy!

He loves his foster dogs and cats very much and is very respectful of their space. However, he is also quite a party animal when it comes to stirring up wrestling matches with his two canine foster brothers. He loves nothing more than sparring and a good game of chase. Merlin’s an active pup and his foster mom says that he seems to get a lot of confidence and joy from having a doggie brother or two that will humour him for some play time. He is also takes his job as home protector very seriously and will sound the alarm if he feels there might be cause for concern!

We don’t know much about Merlin’s first 4 years but it seems that he did not learn that people are to be easily trusted. He has bonded with his one special human, his foster mom, and will rarely let her out of his sight. She calls it his “Mama Crush”. Though, it’s something his foster family is working with him on as he is slowly learning that it’s ok if his family isn’t always around. He needs to trust that they will always come back, something that  he doesn’t quite believe yet sadly because of his past. He enjoys many trips to local stores, Canadian Tire and the local garden centres seem to be his favourite! Though, he prefers if people just admire his good looks from afar rather than approach him. He may give a quick sniff if a friendly stranger is lucky but he seeks comfort behind his foster mom or dad if unsure. His foster mom always tells people that Merlin is the sweetest little soul and that he is still figuring out that the world isn’t so scary. He’s learning, slowly, and his new family will continue working with him kindly and patiently to show him that.

If you think that Merlin could be a fit for your family, please fill out an application. We would love to hear from you!


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