Project Description


Breed: Shih Tzu

Gender: Male

Age: 10 years old

Weight: 15 lbs

Needs: Good with dogs

Hello everyone!! I’m Lou (aka Luigi as my foster mom likes to call me)! Am I adorable or what?! I know it too. Everyone likes to stop and give me a nice pet when I’m out with my foster mom and sister, and I love the attention. I don’t like to walk too far, just enough of a walk so I can socialize with some of the neighbours and my friends and of course to do my business.

I’m still not sure how I ended up at a shelter in Montreal, but it must be my skin issues, because otherwise I’m the perfect little man! I’m so thankful TEAM Dog Rescue took me in because my fur was all patchy, my paws were swollen and I was in bad shape. It’s only been a week since joining the rescue and I already look like a new man. My foster mom put me on a new diet and gives me special baths! She takes such good care of me.

I enjoy the company of other dogs, especially my foster sister Aretha (who is a TEAM Dog alumni). Although I’m 10 years old and she is 15 years old, we still have so much fun playing together. I’m very relaxed in the house and just sleep most of the time. Unless I want attention or a cuddle, you wouldn’t even know I’m around! At night I sleep in my foster mom’s room on a nice comfy bed next to my foster sister. I know I shouldn’t, but I often have accidents in the night so I sometimes wear a diaper. We aren’t quite sure yet if its the medicine I’m on for my skin issues or if its just that I cant hold it overnight. We will try to figure this out!

Although i’m the perfect little dog all the time, I do give my foster mom a bit of a hard time in the car. I sit nicely but I whine the entire time in the car! I have been on a few long road trips recently and they all involved the shelter or the vet, so I need to start having positive experiences with driving in the car and perhaps I’ll improve?!

Please adopt me! I’m looking for a nice home that will provide me with love and affection for the rest of my life. I promise to be very good and be your best friend.

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