Project Description



My name is Ollie and I am one of the lucky pups that was rescued by TEAM. I hail all the way from North Carolina and lucky for me, I was rescued the same year that my mom helped start TEAM Dog Rescue. I am also what is known as a foster failure and I wear that badge of honour proudly. Guess my mom decided that she just couldn’t part with my sweet southern mug! My mom’s love for animals comes in all shapes, sizes, and species! I share ownership of my mom with my canine brother, Sawyer, and my feline siblings. Now that I have this rescue gig down pat, I love being the big foster brother to new and less fortunate pups who need help. I am pretty good at showing them the ropes, and letting them know that they are in great hands with TEAM. Mom is super proud of me as I used to be scared of a lot of things. And I have to say, I am pretty darn proud of my mom for not only showing me and my siblings that life can be pretty awesome but also helping so many others get their chance to be happy too. Lucky me!