Project Description


Breed: Border Collie/Saluki X

Gender: Female

Age: 3  years old

Weight: 50 lbs

Needs: Good with dogs and kids

This beautiful girl is a BorderCollie/Saluki cross, who recently joined us from the Kingdom of Bahrain, where she had been once loved and cared for by a family. Unfortunately, they moved away and Kiki was left to fend for herself, staying close by the family home for years, ever hopeful they would return. Luckily, our wonderful rescue partner heard of her plight and immediately took Kiki into her care.

Kiki loves hard, loyal to a tee and it has taken her awhile to recognize her world has changed significantly. Initially timid, Kiki likes to observe, monitor her surroundings and will then decide who she will bond to. She does warm up, cautiously at first, but once she chooses you, you are her whole world.
Too many have let Kiki down in the past, so she will take time to build this trust again.

But rest assured, Kiki isn’t a wall flower. She will let you know when she wants to go out, gets excited about her walks, decides how long she wants to be out for, what dogs she wants to meet and who she won’t tolerate, but all in a gentle subtle way. Kiki is a real lady. A very quiet dignified lady, who is house trained, quiet and extremely affectionate once she decides you are worth it.

Kiki is still adjusting to the big city life, as she lives in an apartment in midtown Toronto. Still somewhat skittish if cars honk or get too close, but she has come so far in the last week, and will continue to adapt to her new surroundings.

She enjoys other dogs, but only calm well adjusted ones. She has no time for puppy exuberance nor high energy antics. She would enjoy the company of a well adjusted male, who would match her medium energy level and enjoy spooning on the loveseat, which she has recently claimed as her own.
Kiki would love to be adopted by a family, or couple who would enjoy her affection, quiet nature and are home more often than not. She loves her people and wants to be close by, not to be left ever again. And Kiki so deserves this and we will provide her with just that. Although seemingly big shoes to fill, once you meet this sweet girl, you will want to step right up and try them on.

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