Project Description


Volunteer Coordinator

Our names are Penny and Rosie, we are sisters, and we found our Mom and our furever home after we had been living alone in the streets of rural Arizona for the first 6 months of our life. Our Mom loves dogs and apparently she was feeling a bit lonely after her son and his dog moved out of her house into their own home, so she wanted more company. She opened her door and we pranced in! We have managed to fill the lonely gap ++ and have wheedled our way into her and our Dad’s life. We have learned to go camping and hiking and all kinds of fun outdoor adventures. Our Mom was so happy with us that she wants to share her happiness and is now the Volunteer Coordinator with TEAM Dog so that others can help spread the love! Our Mom is a big sap, she cries at all the “stuff” on Facebook and just loves all animals and wants to help in whatever way she can. Mom’s goal is to encourage every person contemplating dog ownership to consider adoption before shopping!