Project Description


Breed: American Bulldog X

Gender: Male

Age: 9 months

Weight: 25 kg

Needs: Active family with another playful dog, kids 14+

Jax might look tough, but he is a big suck! This 9-month old American bulldog mix puppy always wants to be in your lap and giving you lots of slobbery kisses. However, he is a little bit apprehensive about strangers. He will tuck his tail and hide behind you when he is feeling unsure. Eventually he comes around, but it may take him a bit longer with men than women.

Jax still has lots of puppy energy, so two long (hour+) walks per day are required. Jax walks well on leash with a halti (head halter), but sometimes gets excited and pulls a bit. He loves to run around off-leash (in a fenced-in area). He is super speedy! Jax is working on his housetraining and doing pretty well. No accidents in a few days. He’s also learning manners (like no jumping up, and sitting at doorways) and basic obedience commands. He’s so eager to please, training won’t be too difficult.

Jax really likes other dogs. Sometimes he is a bit forward in his greetings, which is typical of bully breeds, and this can put certain dogs off on first meeting. However, he is great with his foster sister, a 30lb border collie mix named Penny. Jax adjusts his play style so it isn’t too much for Penny and they have a great time romping around. Eventually, we think Jax would really enjoy the dog park. Jax is okay to be left alone for several hours in his crate. He whines a little at the start but then settles and is quiet. Considering he’s still a puppy, he hasn’t been too destructive. He will “test” to see what he can play with; picking up a slipper very slowly and looking at you to see what you think. If you tell him no, he’ll drop it and move on.

Jax would thrive in many different adoptive homes. His ideal place would be with an active family who has another playful dog. They would need to be committed to ongoing training to teach good manners and basic obedience. We don’t recommend a family who has young children at the moment because he is quite rambunctious and clumsy and could easily plow over a toddler without realizing. Also, because he is slightly nervous around new people and kids can’t read dog body language as well as adults, we wouldn’t want to take any risks. However, as Jax progresses in his training and becomes better socialized we expect he would do fine with kids in the home. Most importantly, Jax’s forever family must love cuddling on the couch and not mind when their legs go numb from this big lug sitting on their laps. Actually he’s not that big – 55lbs – but he does know just where to sit to cut off the circulation! With a little work, Jax will be an excellent pet.
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