Project Description


Breed: Lab Cross

Gender: Male

Age: 4 Years

Weight: 80 lbs

Needs: No other pets

Hi my name is Jasper and i have been waiting for my family for a very long time. My foster mom says I am a very good boy; I love to cuddle and follow her around. My favourite thing is to spend time with my humans. I’m only 4 years old and I still have so much love and time to give to my future family. I am always ready to cuddle, or sleep by your feet or if I am allowed, right beside you on the couch. If you have to go out don’t worry about me. I will just calmly sleep and wait for you, no need to put me in a crate, as I will sleep on my bed until you get home. And when you get home? I will give you the biggest hug and kisses. And if you bring friends home? I will love them too. I’m good with all people and kids but my foster mom says I’m a big boy so I should only live with kids over 10 years old. I do get excited for my walks! I wear a backpack and a thing around my nose. My foster mom says its called a face Halti; it really helps me focus on my walks as I get very afraid when I get too close to other dogs. I’m afraid they are going to hurt me and my foster mom, so I feel that I need to protect us both. My foster mom says I don’t need to do that, that she has everything under control, but I’m still scared and don’t want to be near other dogs right now. But, I’m slowly getting better and with lots of practice I will get better and better, so I am hoping to find a family that has time to help me get perfect on my walks. This is why being in the city or in a condo is so so stressful for me, the city has too many dogs and I’m always on high alert, I like living outside of the city with my own backyard, so I can have off leash time and chase all those squirrels. I love to run, my foster mom says I run so fast and sometimes I hop like a bunny, she says it is so so cute. Another thing that makes me very worried is when my foster mom takes me places in the car. You see cars always take me somewhere and sometimes to new homes and people and I don’t want to go back to a shelter, i want to stay with my family. My foster mom promises me I won’t go back to a shelter, but I can’t help but be worried and anxious when I am In the car. Are you my family? If you are please contact my Adoption Coordinator Jackie, she wants to make sure I find my perfect family.