Project Description


Breed: Beagle

Gender: Female

Age: 8 years

Weight: 30 lbs

Needs: Good with dogs and kids

Jade is approaching her senior years but you wouldn’t know it! She is full of energy and just loves going for her walks and is up for any adventure you throw her way. She loves meeting new people and can get quite exuberant and want to jump up, but her fosters are working on that. A quiet house guest who appreciates her bed, but would love nothing better than curling up in the chair with her favourite people or sleeping on the guest bed. Fully house trained, Jade is fine to be left alone for a typical work day and will eagerly be your shadow once you are home.

Jade loves children and is quite content to spend time with her year old foster human sibling. She is fine with all other children she has met to date and is equally comfortable in the dog park with no preference on size or sex of the other pups.

Her leash manners can be improved, but at 28 pounds, is easily managed. Jade is just so eager to get where she is going and meet everyone, her enthusiasm often gets the better of her. She would be considered medium energy with the occasional spontaneous outburst of active play.

Jade would be a lovely family addition, either with or without another canine friend and is eagerly awaiting her forever family.
So if you are looking for an affectionate companion who only requires a couple of good walks a day with some play time between, then Jade is the girl for you.

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