Project Description



My name is Lola, and I’m a very lucky girl, I have a home, a family and a mommy that loves me so much. My mum’ s name is Jackie, and sometimes she gets really busy, she tells me it’s because she is trying to help some dogs who aren’t as lucky as me, find families that will love them just like mine loves me. My mum says that some dogs are so sad, she says its because they are hurt, hungry, and homeless, and this makes her sad. My mum loves all animals but she says, I’m her special baby, which makes me really happy. My mum is something called an adoption coordinator, and she and a group of amazing ladies are with a group called T.E.A.M dog rescue and they help these sad dogs find families. I’m not sure how she does it, but sometimes she comes home smelling like other dogs, ok I’ll be honest I do get a bit jealous sometimes but I’m happy my mommy wants to help these dogs. I can’t imagine not having a family and being all alone in the world, so I forgive my mom for being busy sometimes. She says her dream is, that one day all the dogs in the world will have homes and families that love them, because that’s all a dog wants in the whole entire world is to be loved. I really hope her dream comes true!