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Project Description

Harley & Dinky

Breed: Goldendoodle & Chihuahua

Gender: Males

Age: 8 years (Harley) & 4 years (Dinky)


Needs: Good with dogs, bonded pair – must be adopted together

Dinky and Harley are a bonded pair, a Golden Doodle and a Chihuahua, these two breeds are nothing at all alike, but their souls are intertwined and they cannot live without one another. They had a family, a woman who made them her life. She loved these two dogs dearly with the very core of her being, they were family, her family. Dinky, the 4 year old Chihuahua is a happy and sweet boy, Harley, the 8 year old Golden Doodle, is just as sweet and a delight. They both grew up together. As a family unit, the 3 of them were very happy together, but fate had other plans, and unfortunately their owner passed away very suddenly recently.
They just lost the most important person to them, just like that.
Their life was about to drastically change.
Sadly, for Dinky and Harley, nobody in this woman’s family were able to take her family members as their own, her precious dogs, and as a result, they were displaced.
These dogs are VERY dependent on each other.
They need each other.
They rely on each other.
They are no trouble and are extremely well mannered and healthy, they are looking for a home for them to retire in peacefully.
They need our supporters to passionately share their story in hopes that someone with a big heart will finish where their family had left off that terrible day and provide a comfortable spot they can retire in, with each other.
Please contact us at adopt@teamdogrescue.ca if you can help or send us a private message.
Please welcome, Dinky and Harley to our rescue.
Thank you for joining their journey.
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