Project Description


Breed: Shih Tzu X

Gender: Female

Age: 6-7 years

Weight: 7.5kg

Needs: Would prefer to be the only dog in the home

Hallee came to us mid-July and this poor girl is now well on her way to good health. A senior, who the vet described as “not having seen a dog with so many unmanaged issues in so many body parts in a long time” has blossomed under the care of her amazing foster parents with the guidance of our fabulous vet. Several types of antibiotics as well as medicated baths have cleared up her ear, eye and skin infections and her personality is now showing her quirks.

And what are these quirks? Hallee loves having company, and will follow her parents from room to room and is happy to just curl up in her dog bed, near her people. Not initially affectionate, but always aware of where her people are. She doesn’t mind her foster sister, poodle Riley, but doesn’t necessarily require a fur sibling, although Halle has learned to take direction from her when it comes to routines.

Hallee does not want another dog in her face nor does she want to play, so if you have another pup, it would have to be one who is not interested in socializing. She is curious about her food and is now appreciating a varied diet. Hallee is house trained, walks well on the leash and absolutely loves car rides, just content to settle on her bed and snooze .

Hallee has limited vision and hearing, so we would prefer a quiet home with perhaps dog savvy older children, a couple or single person who can offer her comfort and plenty of love in her remaining years.

Short walks are her preference and she loves to explore her surroundings and sniff absolutely everything in her path. Basically this girl is relatively low maintenance and will be very happy having someone around who respects her space. However, we are confident that with time as Hallee learns to trust, she will be the affectionate girl that this breed is known to be. A privilege well earned for those who have the time and patience. Her fosters are seeing signs of this possibility now, after only several weeks.

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