Project Description


Breed: American Bulldog/Lab X

Gender: Female

Age: 6  years

Weight: 100 lbs

Needs: Ok with dogs but prefers to be the only queen of her castle

Meet Georgia! She’s a super laidback and well-behaved dog inside and outside the home. Georgia would do great in a condo or a house, as long as she gets her walks and has lots of attention from her humans. Georgia has settled into foster care very quickly, making herself right at home. She very affectionate and loving and wants pets and cuddles from everyone she meets, especially her foster parents. Georgia does really well alone in the home and is very quiet. She does let out a few barks when someone comes to the door, but she is a great house guest. Georgia really likes toys (and destroying them!) but she tends to get possessive over high valued items such as special treats and any type of ball. Georgia needs a confident owner who understands her guarding and is willing to help her improve in this area. Georgia has already completed some training and has shown tremendous improvement.

Georgia is medium (on the low end) energy and really loves going for walks, especially if they involve a swim destination. Georgia loves the water! In between walks she’s all about relaxing around the house. Georgia really enjoys meeting other dogs while on walks. She could use some manners when approaching other dogs, as she gets very excited. Some dogs don’t love this and can be reactive, but not Georgia! She remains calm and friendly. Although Georgia is friendly with other dogs, it’s not recommended that she goes to a home with another dog, given her desire to guard some of her possessions. This is easily managed behavior.

If you are interested in Georgia, please apply!

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