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Project Description

Franny Van Vleet

Breed: Lab/Dutch Shepherd X

Gender: Female

Age: 10-12 weeks

Weight:  17 lbs

Needs: Active family!

We want to introduce you to the Raptors latest signings all the way from Manitobaaaaa. 🐶🏀

First up…

At paw guard, measuring 1’4” and weighing 17lbs, please welcome FRANNY VAN VLEEEEET!!!!
Franny is a tenacious defender with active paws, constantly swiping at loose balls. She’s an intimidating force on the court and likes to take her opponents out by going for their eyes and hair when the refs aren’t looking.

If you’re interested in adopting this spitfire of a player head over to our website and fill out an adoption application and her Adoption Coordinator Nicole will be in touch!!

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