Project Description


Breed: Mastiff X

Gender: Female

Age: 8 years old

Weight: 32 kg

Needs: Please read her profile

Once you meet Cupcake you will understand her name. This sweet and gentle girl is the perfect companion. Cupcake loves people and seems to prefer them over other dogs. She is not big on toys either. She only has eyes for you. Cupcake loves to snuggle with her humans. She knows her basic commands. She is not a big puller, but would greatly benefit from some leash training. Cupcake is happy to go for her walks and explore her environment. She has not been dog or cat tested at this point, however, she has met the neighbors dog through the fence and come across other dogs on her walks. She will stare more out of curiosity at other dogs when she sees them. A neighbourhood cat did stroll into her space. She was not reactive, but curious. Cupcake can be shy, docile and is not a barker. She will not bark when someone rings that bell or walks down the street. Totally house trained, she will go to the door when she needs to go out, and make scratch once to come back in. With meals she is a grazer and eats a bit here and there when she is hungry, so best when food can be left out for her. She enjoys her crate to lie in and when she wants some privacy and the door can be left open. When you go out, she will happily watch your sofa and keep your spot warm until you return. There were no incidents of any damage in the home. Cupcake is an all around perfect dog. She can startle given her gentle nature so for that reason, young children are not recommended. She also may be happiest in a home without another animal so that she can have all the loving and attention from her people. She would be best suited in a home environment as opposed to a condo simply for the possibility of reactivity towards other dogs she may come in contact with in an elevator.

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