Project Description

Breed: Chow/Ridgeback Mix

Gender: Male

Age: 4 years

Weight: 50 lbs

Needs: Experienced home, no kids under 12 , pet-free home

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a dog more loving than Buddy! He had a very difficult start to life – but that hasn’t stopped him from absolutely adoring his humans. If anything, it’s made him love even harder.

Buddy’s story began with a family in Nashville who did not treat him well. In fact, when they moved, they left Buddy tied to a tree in the backyard – alone and starving. Luckily, he was rescued – and now he is so ready to find his forever family!

Buddy is around 4 years old and a total love-bug – he constantly wants to be close to you! When you leave the room, Buddy will follow. When you sit down on the couch, Buddy will snuggle up beside you! And it’s not enough to just be sitting next to you either – he wants to be as close as possible (and will even try to curl up on your lap if you let him!). Buddy is a perfect gentleman when home alone. He snoozes on the couch while his foster family is at work, is completely house-trained and does not get vocal or destructive when left alone. When his foster family comes home, his whole body jiggles and he bounces up and down with joy!

Buddy is looking for a home without any other dogs. He is currently being fostered in a dog-heavy neighbourhood and does fine there, but he wants his space and needs to be an “only child.” He is also a professional squirrel chaser – because of his prey drive, he wouldn’t do well with a cat sibling either. Buddy would thrive in a dog-savvy home with an experienced owner who is committed to giving him the love and ongoing training he deserves. He has always had to look out for himself, and his family will need to set boundaries that make him feel safe and secure, and to keep up with his training so that he continues to blossom. He is very intelligent, and nothing makes him prouder than perfecting a new trick or command!

Because of his rough start, Buddy can be a bit unsure around strangers and will approach cautiously at first. But once he knows he can trust you, you won’t find a more sweet, loyal, or loving companion. A lot of chaos can still make him feel uncomfortable, so we recommend a household with no kids under 12. He needs a family that will respect his boundaries and not push him when he’s feeling overwhelmed.

If you are looking for a dog who will constantly make you like you are the most important human in the whole world – look no further! From the loving way he looks at you, to his sloppy kisses, to the way he bounces for joy when you walk through the door – Buddy will make sure you always know how much he loves you, and how grateful he is that you welcomed him into your life!


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