Project Description


Breed: American Bulldog/Great Dane X

Gender: Male

Age: 6 years old

Weight: 52 kg

Needs: Good with dogs

You haven’t seen anything yet.

We cannot even properly transcribe the ridiculous amount of outstanding that Bobby has displayed in foster care. When the shelter said he was a true gem? They weren’t kidding.

Weighing in at over 100 pounds, this Great Dane and American Bulldog mix walks impeccably on leash, he likes dogs, loves people, and is quite frankly? Phenomenal.

Bobby has an appointment at Beaches Animal Hospital on December 5th as a follow up to some irritated skin that is being tended to, but he will be available for adoption soon. Very very soon.

And if you have been looking for tall, built and ridiculously handsome?

Then you best be reaching out to his adoption coordinator, Rennie, to learn how you can welcome perfection into your home.

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