Project Description



My name is Lao and I’m 17 years young.  My mom, Ashley, is in every sense of the word a crazy dog lady (in a non radical way). She has been with TEAM Dog Rescue since its inception in 2012 and does a little bit of this and a whole lot of that. Her primary focus is helping with adoptions, organizing events and acting as the Instagram guru. Her goal over the next year is to drive TEAMs #THINKRESCUE campaign, create programs that teach children responsible pet ownership and work closer with the community to grow the organization. Outside of TEAM she loves to travel. She has witnessed firsthand the dire situation of street animals around the world which inspired her efforts to assist worldwide animal welfare organizations. Prior to joining TEAM, she spent time volunteering with animal groups in Mexico, Central America and Africa as well was a dog walker at Toronto Animal Services. When she isn’t helping animals she is chasing a toddler around and working at her paying job. My mom adopted Winston the pug a few years back and encourages families everywhere to #thinkrescue first when considering welcoming a pet.